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The get one / give one concept

Discover the concept around the Heal the World Massage project

For every massage purchased, you get all benefits of the treatment for yourself and we will give a nurturing touch program to an underprivileged child

What is our aim?

The Heal The World Massage Team will visit developing countries, and spend time at institutions such as orphanages and schools. We will bring high quality and professional training to children, the teachers and care givers, bringing nurturing touch into their organisations. Through our teachings the children (aged between 4-12 yrs) will experience positive and nurturing touch regularly. Inspired by the “Massage in Schools” program, clothed child-to-child short massages will become part of their daily routine.

How to support us

Every massage booked with us supports the Heal the World Massage project. You don’t pay any extra for this, it’s included in our normal rate.

Simply send us a request by clicking “book a massage”, approximately 20% of every massage booked will go towards the first out-reach project in The Philippines.

Massages & rates

We offer a wide range of massages to fulfill all needs:

  • Clinic massage: indulge yourself [$135]
  • Mobile massage: relax in the comfort of your own home [$150]
  • Massage Package: 5 Treatments for the price of 4 [$540]
  • Massage gifts: offer a treat to someone you care about [$135]
  • Corporate massages: our team will come into your offices and provide seated, or on chair massages leaving your staff feeling rejuvenated, and tension free [from $85ph/therapist (4-8 employees depending on the package) – contact for details]
  • Event Massage: weddings, conferences, functions – massage for any occasion
  • Offer a treatment to someone in need: maybe you are not local to the Heal The World Massage team, or prefer to offer a massage to someone else. Our team visit and can work with various local institutions ie the sick, elderly, disabled etc.
" Thanks for coming into the Objective Digital office today Niki ! You made our day, the massages were amazing! "

- Objective Digital -

" Thanks to heal the world massage, our team feel rejuvenated as well as helping children in need, couldn't have asked for more. "

- Apesma -

" Niki makes his clients feel loved and valued, you can feel his positive, warm energy when he treats you. I highly recommend him. "

- Miss J McCarthy -

" The team here at Commonwealth feel very relaxed we all loved the massages! we are sure to book in again very soon, thank you. "

- Nick Rainey, Commonwealth Bank -

The story

From a parent's love came the desire to help others


I became a father

Every parent knows the importance of affection to their child, and that is no different for me and my daughter, Elika. Giving the best to her, and with all my heart, has been the most satisfying experience of my life. When I see the positive impact this has, it makes me hope that every child experiences the same.


I started Tension Seekers massage company

I am amazed by all the positive effects massages can provide, both psychological and physically. Becoming a massage therapist was a way to share a bit of happiness around. It is a very rewarding job, as every treatment I give comes with sincere appreciation in return.


I went on a trip to Africa, searching for my family roots

Throughout my life I’ve had the chance to travel to many developing countries. On each of these trips, it was evident there were many people who are deprived of the essential need for nurturing touch. I knew that I needed to do something to help in some way but was struggling to find what. It wasn’t until my family and I went to East Africa, tracing back to where my parents were born, that I realised I could combine my energy and professional skills together to help those in need around the world.

Trip to Africa


Heal the World Massage project was born

I don’t really believe in coincidences. When my brother gave me Blake Mycoskie’s book “Start Something that Matters” and I read about his amazing TOMS story, I knew it was a sign to begin the journey to help. “Heal the World Massage” project was born. The outreach missions to developing countries and their institutions we will work with, can allow us to positively affect many children’s present and future lives through the teachings of nurturing touch.


First mission

Heal The World Massage embarked on their first out-reach project which was in The Philippines. With 4 orphanages around Manila and Cebu there were a total of 400 children who were taught the international peer-to-peer program. This had been a fascinating trip with the warm Filipinos welcoming the Heal The World Massage team wherever we went.

First mission

The power of Nurturing Touch

Discover what nurturing touch is and why it is so important for a child

For me, nurturing touch is about creating a positive tactile experience that provides care, comfort and tenderness.

Why is nurturing touch so important?

The first sense to develop in humans is touch. It is essential for our health and well-being during our whole lives. Studies and experiments conducted by the Touch Research Institute in Miami have shown that touch can lessen pain, improve pulmonary function, lower blood glucose, enhance immune function and assist child development, on both psychological and physiological levels. Others show that children who experience nurturing touch by their parents or caregivers and learn healthy views of touch, are more likely to grow up to be adults with good self-esteem and a sense of appropriate boundaries.



The program being implemented

An internationally recognised massage program given by children to each other after asking permission from one another.  The simple 15 minute routines use no oil, are fully clothed and are done on back, head, arms and hands.

What about orphaned children?

Orphaned children around the world often lack one of the most vital ingredients for development – a nurturing touch. The long-term effects of not receiving safe, healthy tactile experiences can have a huge impact on a child’s stability for the future. Together we can make a difference to these disadvantaged children and ensure their lives are made better.

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" We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection "

- Dalai Lama -

The first mission

Learn more about the first mission that was conducted in November 2014

The aim of this mission was to visit various institutions educating children, teachers and caregivers on the nurturing touch child-to-child clothed massage programme, and the benefits of using this on a regular basis.


For our first outreach project, we decided to concentrate our efforts on the Philippines, this was for several reasons:

  • Part of the country has been devastated in 2013 by the Haiyan typhoon leaving masses of people affected
  • After many visits, I have a good knowledge of the areas and have built trusted contacts over there.


November 2014, on the anniversary of the Haiyan typhoon that caused so much distress in the country.


Approximately 20% of every massage booked at Tension Seekers was put aside for this first out-reach project.


The Heal the World Massage team was made up of an experienced therapist/Massage in Schools Instructor and one videomaker/photographer to capture our experience. We also worked hand in hand with partners and other organisations to facilitate and extend our action as much as possible.

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